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Introduction of Tisser Co.

Tisser industrial manufacturing company was established in 2004 with the aim of improving technological abilities and focusing on production of special parts along with providing engineering and technical services in the sector of design and manufacture of auto parts, using latest technologies.

The scope of activities of this company are designing, consulting, and manufacturing.



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Strategy of Tisser Co.

  •              Hiring and developing technical and engineering capabilities
  •              Forming active units for marketing, after sale service, and research and development
  •              Increasing its share in domestic market and entering the middle eastern ABS system market
  • Tisser Co. will benefit from the above and its robust infra structure to attract well-known international companies for joint    venture on ABS manufacturing.





Goals and objectives

  • Producing auto decorative and safety parts and sets in Iran with cooperation of internationally recognized companies for domestic market as well as export.
  • Retaining and expanding the share in domestic market as a pioneering company in supplying auto safety and decorative parts
  • Employing state-of-the-art methods and equipments in design and production of automotive safety and decorative parts and sets.

Translated by: Ehsan Taghdiri

Our Activities

  • Research, product design, process design, installation and start up of production lines
  • Developing and production of automotive safety systems such as ABS, ESP, TCS, Airbag, etc.
  • Supplying raw materials
  • Production of automotive decorative parts and sets
  • Production of automotive metal and polymer parts

Translated by: Ehsan Taghdiri

Mission of Tisser Co.

Tisser Co. defines the following as its missions:

      -          Developing capabilities and convenience of Iranian cars via supplying safety and decorative equipments

      -          Obtaining customer satisfaction to the largest extent possible

      -          Obtaining global recognition for Tisser Co. so that the customer can use our products with satisfaction, trust, and certainty.

Translated by: Ehsan Taghdiri


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Consulting and engineering services

Considering the vast demand of industrial manufacturing establishments of Iran for technical and expert associations especially in the areas of research and development and design, Tisser Co. has used the cooperation of globally recognized companies to establish an organization where engineering and design services are offered to car makers, auto part manufacturing companies, and other industrial establishments.